The various prototypes shown on this page have been truly designed, manufactured and tested. Some are real commercial products always in function. Images and designs are not free of use and remain the property of the customers mentioned.

SEAVIEW project (2019)

Designs and various prototypes for underwater enclosures. © DAREWIN company

TIS/QUID project (2017)

Underwater enclosure for ZOOM audio recorder. © DAREWIN company

Z_DROPPER project (2018)

Design and manufacture of an automatic dropper for drone. © DRONETECH Reunion

Wireless Transponder (2019)

Winner of a design contest for an IoT transponder. Body worn device for triathletes allowing scoring. © MOBILSYSTEMS MOHAnet – South Africa

PUMP SAVER (2017-2019)

Co-development with the company Puits&Forages Réunion. IoT system for controls and alerts in real time on boreholes, pumps and more generally all hydraulic installations. Small series production: 15 systems in place in 2019.

MAVIC 360 (2018)

Design and manufacture of a 3 Gopros gimbal for DJI MAVIC drone. Tested in flight. © DAREWIN company