CAD Computer Aided Design

There's the primordial step of the design which consists in 3D modeling and assembly respecting interactions, movements and constraints. Thus we realize a complete numerical simulation before incurring manufacturing costs. From this step you get professional drawings, 3D files (STEP, IGES, SAT, SKP ...) and high quality renders.

Autodesk certified user I work primarily on FUSION 360 which operates in the cloud. So your project is shared in real time with you and your team. Example:

CAM Computer Aided Manufacture

It's time making the parts of your project. From the 3D model we create machining programs for all types of numerical controls: milling, turning, 3D printing, folding, molding, laser, plasma or water cutting.

Once manufactured by me or subcontracted, these parts are assembled in my workshop and the development of your prototype begins.

FEM Finite Element Method

More simply, it is the structural analysis of materials and loads. Various analyzes can be conducted: static and dynamic stress, thermal stress or vibratory stress. These studies mainly optimize shapes and weights.

The choice of materials and shapes is essential for the success of a prototype.